Service Management Made Simple

Scheduling. Tracking. Billing. Recording. All in one.

Service Management Made Simple

Scheduling. Tracking. Billing. Recording. All in one.

A solution built specifically to introduce efficiency into the management of field servicing teams.


Easy Scheduling

Easily schedule appointments based on the technician’s and client’s availability, client’s location and technician’s skill set – using a drag and drop visual calendar.


Efficient Billing

Convert e-Signed job sheets into invoices immediately, doing away with any piles of job sheets awaiting billing.


Track Your Team

Keep track of all your service team’s locations on the go, with full visibility of each technician’s contribution to servicing your clients.


Track Your Inventory

Easily transfer inventory from Stores to technicians van to clients, with full traceability in real time.

Turbocharge your service team’s efficiency

How Focus 360 Field Service Management helps your operations manager:

  • Set up your client agreements letting F360 know the terms (free labour, free parts, hourly rate, frequency of calls, frequency of billing, equipment, warranty, default technician, skill set required).
  • Schedule both regular service calls and easily enter ad-hoc service calls to your lits.
  • Assign your technicians via the calendar.
  • Track technicians jobs status in real time. Allowing you to act.
  • Finalise jobs once complete and send invoices automatically by e-mail.

How Focus 360 Field Service Management helps your technicians:

  • Access to your assigned jobs with all the required details
    • Location ( Google map)
    • Client details
    • Job details
    • Equipment history
  • Track the time taken on each job
  • Allocate parts used on the job
  • Receive the clients e-signature via the tablet on the job sheet and easily email it, both to the client and the accounts department for billing
  • Easily request parts for pre-scheduled jobs
  • Keep track of what inventory items you have in your vehicle
  • Easily add ad-hoc jobs on the go, to ensure management know all work done at that client

How Focus 360 Field Service Management helps your CEO

CEO’s fly the company plane with the whole team aboard! When taking decisions they need as much information as possible in a timely manner ensuring probability that the decision taken is the right one.

CEO’s of Field Service companies need access to a Live dashboard to keep track of their companies performance and adjust where necessary. Focus 360 Service Management can gain access to your data and build custom dashboards showing KPI’s that matter to your CEO.

  • Keep track of your businesses performance via Live dashboards showing the metrics you care about

Get a 360° View of Your
Field Service Strategy

Focus 360 Field Service management software enables you to drive efficiencies in your processes and deliver maximum up-time to your customers, while helping to improve cash flow through automatic digital invoicing. All through a seamless user interface that gives you and your technicians complete control!

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